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AlmaHub: The Best Alumni Management Software to manage your Alumni in Modern Age

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There’s a common notion amongst graduates and students that the day a graduate degree / diploma is awarded to them – it will be the last day of their relationship with the alma mater. However, this is far from the truth. In recent times, with emergence of Alumni Management Softwares, this trend has been fading away and the alumni portal is empowering graduates with online networking solutions which opens up a new world of opportunities for them.

Alumni networks bring differentiated competitive advantage to the institution, students as well as the alumni. It also, helps them understand how to effectively leverage the Alumni Networks and grow together. Let’s see, how exactly an Alumni Management Software such as AlmaHub enables the institutions to grow their alumni network and succeed with the help of technology in this modern age:

SaaS and Self-hosted (with AMC) Versions:

Unlike other Alumni Management Softwares available on the market, AlmaHub comes in two versions to best suit your needs.

SaaS Version: Cloud hosted by AlmaHub, Team AlmaHub also manages this secure hosting and is responsible for its upkeep and maintenance. No need to set-up your own infrastructure or get hassled with running and maintaining the software.

Self-hosted Version: Understanding the varying needs of institutions, AlmaHub is also available as one-time downloadable product which can be hosted on the institution’s own server with AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) which provides other benefits such as regular monitoring, phone & email support, applying upgrades, upto 5 graphic assets per month.

Native iOS and Android Mobile Apps:

The new age Alumni Management Software: AlmaHub capacitates the community members to enjoy smooth access on the go, using Native iOS and Android Mobile Apps. AlmaHub offers the comfort to engage and stay connected anytime, anywhere and thus facilitates engagement amongst community members. It enables community members to get in touch with other alumni and send or accept requests to network instantly.

Own Branding:

AlmaHub will not charge to remove its branding across the platform and thus allows the institute to do its own branding throughout to build trust amongst the community members. Run your community on your own domain for e.g.,

Browser and Mobile Push Notifications:

AlmaHub comes with great engaging features like Push Notifications available for both website and mobile apps. May it be an important news, an upcoming event, a reunion, anniversary celebrations Push Notifications helps every member to stay abreast without much ado.

Robust Admin Panel:

This Alumni Management Software has a robust admin panel which allows the network administrator to create different member levels on the network like students, alumni and staff with member moderation features. It also allows easy content management system and each of the posts can be moderated to maintain sanity within the network.

Fund Raising:

Looking to help the underprivileged children afford the expensive education or need funds for construction of a new building in campus or raise funds for Corporate Social Responsibility Project, this modern age Alumni Management Software comes with a Crowdfunding feature to help one to crowdsource funds from fellow alumni and students. Funds can also be raised to be invested in innovative projects that can aid college graduates, students to learn new skills and also find new networking opportunities.

Easy 3rd Party Plugin Integration:

AlmaHub also offers possibility of easy integration with other engaging features like PrimeMessenger: Real time in App Chat Solution, Reward Points / Virtual Currency for rewarding alumni for good activity, etc., and more.

Secure Platform:

3rd-party VAPT Report (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) of the AlmaHub platform indicates that the platform is secure. The AlmaHub powered Alumni Network supports SSL thus ensuring the safety of the members data as well as keeps the platform free from threats and malwares.

AlmHub: The new age Alumni Management Software comes with a plethora of other features such as Alumni Chapters, Events, Memorabilia Store, Jobs Board, Mentorship Forum, Interest Groups, Advertisements, Documents / Magazines, Member of the Day, Membership Cards, Member Ratings, Alumni Locator (location based search), and many more. To have a look on the complete list of features visit

Wrapping It UpHaving said this, it’s quite clear that an Alumni Management Software such as AlmaHub is the best solution for building a strong alumni network and create multiple touch points for enhancing engagements among students, alumni and the alma mater. So, start exploring this amazing platform to build an enthralling and interactive alumni community for your institution.

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