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How Alumni Networks Bring Effective Engagements?

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Social media platforms such as LinkedIn & Facebook are valuable ways to maintain up-to-date information and keeping up with peers, however, building meaningful engagements, networks, finding job opportunities requires more than a social networking platform.

To explore more than just connectivity and engagements; you need a dedicated All-In-One networking platform. Let’s get down to understand; What do we mean by an All-In-One networking platform? Well, the one that offers:

  • Job opportunities
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • A space to share memories
  • A network to organize reunion events, workshops, trips, etc.
  • Fundraising opportunities
  • A place for discussions
  • Knowledge sharing and learning opportunities

An alumni networking and management software, is a one-stop solution to find all such opportunities. AlmaHub, is one such dedicated full-fledged alumni management software to help you reconnect with your college mates and dive into meaningful engagements. Let’s delve further into AlmaHub features to have a look on;

How can AlmaHub be the Best Platform for Managing Alumni Networks?

Easy Access to Alumni Data and Build Relationship with your Alumni

Alumni Community is a potential asset that facilitates the reunion of college mates and schoolmates. It offers:

A large pool of expertise & abilities across different industries
A precious help for the organization of your events
A significant source of revenue through fundraising projects, paid events/event tickets, memorabilia store, advertisements, donations, etc.
Access to research from the graduate school

Opportunity to connect with former classmates and students from anywhere across the world

Brings High Levels of Engagement

To reconnect or to achieve high levels of engagement with alma mater requires trust and a high sense of pride and belonging.

A branded online alumni management software such as AlmaHub offers a higher level of engagement and helps to build emotional link rather than what can be achieved by interacting solely through the non-branded and generic platform. Reputed or established alumni management software such as AlmaHub foster a sense of belonging and bring more value as, the platform is exclusive to alumni.

Ensures that Right Information Reaches Right People at the Right Time

It is really simple to find targeted information within your Alumni community. Whether you are searching for industry specialist or looking to find alumni with experience in banking and insurance, it shouldn’t ideally take more than a minute to retrieve that.

A dedicated online alumni management software such as AlmaHub offers a channel to deliver the right information to right people, in the right locations, at right time. This brings on increased community engagement as, powerful communications reach the target audience in time.

Your Community, Your SetUp

AlmaHub offers an alumni management software to run your community on your own domain (ex:,, or get a domain like:

There is no need to set up a separate server for hosting your Alumni Community Website.

You just need to SignUp, subscribe a plan, fill out a set-up form providing your preferences, and AlmaHub team will set up your AlmaHub website. You don’t require any technical skills to set-up & manage your site. It is hosted on a robust cloud Server. It has been configured efficiently, making sure that the websites run smoothly and perform well.

Wrapping It Up:

Bringing all in a nutshell, it becomes clear that cost of maintaining and managing an Alumni Community Website offers a great degree of customization and flexibility. It also makes sure that you benefit from and stay up-to-date with the industry practices in terms of alumni relations. For more info check our Demo

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