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Monetization Opportunities through Alumni Network

Monetization Opportunities through Alumni Network (1)

Alumni are an undeniably valuable resource to any institute. They will always be your most loyal supporters and strong alumni relations are integral to any institution’s success. Alumni can generate invaluable word-of-mouth marketing among their social and professional networks. Also, an engaging and supportive alumni network has a real benefit for current students. By providing a platform for your current students to interact with your Alumni, students can learn immensely from their skills and experience. Also, Alumni can offer support to students at the start of their careers. Creating an engaging Alumni website is a proven method in which you can easily manage your Alumni and build strong relations with them. A dedicated Alumni management software is the best way to do this.

So, there are numerous ways in which an institute can continue to benefit by creating an engaging alumni website. Apart from these obvious advantages, there are also a lot of other perks that an institute can enjoy by using an Alumni management software and Monetization is one of those biggest advantages.

There are various ways in which you can generate revenue from your members through an Alumni website.


Easily manage and collect the annual membership fees online by having different subscription plans for Students, Alumni, Staff, etc in your Alumni Management Software. Having different membership plans for your site can help you generate the revenue required to manage an alumni community.

Paid Event Tickets

Create paid event tickets for the events you organize for your community. Selling tickets and processing bookings online is a major feature of any Alumni Management software and it makes it a lot easier for the organizers as well as the members. Also, they are are a great way to engage your community, and generate revenue. By allowing your alumni to register and pay for events all in one place, AlmaHub simplifies processes and ensures maximize attendance for your events.


Alumni Management Software provides an easy platform to collect donations and spread the word about student projects, service trips, research and other institute specific ventures. Students, faculty, staff, alumni and others in the community can create their own crowdfunding projects on the website and raise money. Alumni can fund student initiatives, provide monetary assistance to the institute’s infrastructure development and much more. The institute can also create projects to support the institute’s mission and improve the community, on campus and beyond.

Community Ads

Alumni Management Software can allow Alumni and Students to create targeted advertising campaigns on the site for promotion of businesses, websites, groups, events, student projects, etc. They can use it as an excellent medium for promotion as well as to bring in more people whereas the Institute can get monetary benefits. AlmaHub allows creation of different ad packages and charging users for ads with multiple pricing models based on clicks, views or days.

Memorabilia Store

Selling Alumni apparel and memorabilia is also a great way to earn revenue from your Alumni website. Institutes can tap into nostalgia to sell merchandise. By invoking the right emotions and memories you can persuade Alumni to buy memorabilia to show off their institute’s pride. AlmaHub – a dedicated Alumni Management Software enables creation of Stores and sale of products online. It supports a wide variety of products including physical products, virtual products, and configurable products and thus gives great Monetization opportunities.

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