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Importance of Alumni Relations for Educational Institutions

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An engaged, supportive alumni network has a major role to play in any institution’s success. Alumni relation is an important asset for any educational institution wanting to stand out from the domestic and international competition. Apart from the institution, good alumni relationships bring numerous benefits to the students and the alumni too. The institution should make efforts to keep the graduates engaged and informed on the progress of the institution, even after they leave the campus. The best way to do so is by creating an engaging Alumni Website. AlmaHub is one such solution. It is an all-in-one cloud-based Alumni community building platform to manage educational alumni community and let alumni connect easily with each other.

Here are the major benefits of maintaining an engaged alumni network.

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Networking opportunities

One of the major objectives of any alumni network is to provide a common platform for the alumni to interact with each other, with the current students and also the institution. It provides mentorship opportunities for the current students where they can learn from your alumni’s experience and skills. The alumni can connect with each other one to one or in groups. An Alumni Network by AlmaHub will not only keep your alumni connected with each other but will also keep them connected with your College / School.

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Better Career Opportunities

An engaged Alumni Network can provide your students and alumni an opportunity to connect with experienced Alumni willing to share their experience and best practices in their field of expertise. Institutions and alumni can post job openings and online resources for job-seekers. An engaged alumni network also offers mentorship opportunities that help junior Alumni to get in touch with experienced Alumni and learn new skills.

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Brand building

The alumni are a very important asset of any institution. Alumni have a special connection with the institution and produce invaluable word-of-mouth publicity and promotion across their personal and professional networks. They will always be your most loyal supporters and best ambassadors.

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Encourage Donations

Alumni often have a sense of belonging and connection with the institution more than anybody else and thus help sustain their alma maters through donations and funding. They also tend to contribute generously in fundraising events and student initiatives. Financial help from your Alumni can enable you to improve your infrastructure, offer scholarships, fund student projects, provide advanced facilities and equipment for teaching and research.

Developing strong Alumni relations and keeping your Alumni connected helps immensely. An active and cohesive Alumni builds a strong brand for the College / School. An institution has a great role to play in bringing their Alumni community together and making them feel involved. Keeping a close connection with the alumni, and continuing to recognize them for their excellence is one of the sure shot ways institutions can grow their community and continue to receive monetary support from alumni.

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